ACCA Questions Too Hard

ACCA questions, too hard

ACCA questions, too hard

ACCA exam questions are too hard:(

Many students will justify not attempting past paper questions until very close to the exam
(sometimes only the week before – DOH!) by saying the following:

I don’t know enough to do a question yet, I need to read more.
I keep getting the questions wrong, I need to read more.

This is simply fear of failure persuading you to take the ‘safe’ route of not trying….get over it. You need to try the questions to see what you will face in the exam.

The idea is not that you will do them and find them easy or get them right, the idea is that you will try them, get them wrong and spend time learning from the answer WHY you got them wrong.

As you try more and more questions gradually you will start to get more of them right and then by the time of the exam you will have attempted enough to pass.

If you wait until the week before the exam to do past paper questions you will still be in the ‘getting them wrong’ phase when you go into the exam and are much more likely to fail.

Now go try a past paper question, get it wrong and learn from the answer:)


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