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Is there time to pass?

Acca, Is there time to pass?

We are often asked here at Mapit 

‘Do I have time left to pass the exam?’

The truth is that a student who spends lots of time studying and knows the syllabus inside out but hasn’t practiced enough questions will always do worse than a last minute studier who covers the syllabus quickly and then concentrates on question practice because they work smart.

Why is this the case?

• They will know how the examiner asks the questions
• They will learn how to apply their knowledge – which is what ACCA want
• They will get an idea of what is likely to come up in the exam
• They have EXPERIENCE of the exam situation
• They are making the most of the BASIC knowledge required to pass

For example, if you read lots of books about marathon running and practice lots of short 1 mile runs for even 2 years leading up to the day of a marathon will you be able to run the marathon?…

…of course not, so why would you think that trying illustrations from a textbook would enable you to pass the exam?

So the answer to the question ‘Do I have time left to pass the exam?’ is usually yes…if you work smart…oh and it’s not the day before:)

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