Study ACCA Exams Effectively

Study ACCA effectively

Study ACCA Effectively

How to study ACCA effectively

It’s difficult to get time to study when you have other commitments such as a full time job, family and social life that all need to fit into the short time we have on Earth – so how do we squeeze studying into this?

Well as we keep saying…keep it simple. Our top tips are:

Study little and often.

Make studying a habit by perhaps going into work half an hour or an hour early every day and finding a quiet place. Much better than studying all day Saturday:)

Don’t waste time re-reading.

Cover the chapter once, try the illustrations to get the basics and then focus on exam questions.

Do read the examiner’s answers.

Rather than reading a book it’s much better to try an exam standard question and read the examiners answer to see where you went wrong. It’s quicker too!

If you spend your time understanding the basics first as quickly as possible then focus on exam standard questions you will be making the most of your time and studying most efficiently.

Good Luck!


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