How to fit ACCA studies around your life

Ok so we all know that life is hard and that it’s hard to find free time to do anything…particularly if you have kids and other family commitments.


So how are you going to become a professionally qualified accountant in the middle of all that!?


Here’s 3 very simple things that are tried and tested to get it done:


  1. Get a Study Zone: Create a space that’s dedicated just for study. It only has to be big enough to fit a desk but it has to be private so if it has to be the library or a small space in work then so be it.
  1. Study Little and Often: You don’t need to disappear for weeks but you do need to be regular. Go to work half an hour early and find that quiet space. Listen to a lecture on your phone on the way to work. Form the study habit.
  1. Reward Yourself: Get a packet of your favourite sweets. Each time you read a page or do a question let yourself have one… this tip is surprisingly effective:)


Establish these 3 and you will be well on the way to fitting your studies around any busy schedule.

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